Texas A&M University System bans vaping across all campuses

(Lisa Ducret/picture alliance via Getty Images )

Vaping is no longer allowed within the Texas A&M University System.

The chancellor released a statement on Tuesday banning all e-cigarettes.

The ban is mandatory and being expanded to "every inch of the Texas A&M System." That will include every facility of its research enterprise and all properties where A&M has a presence.

The chancellor cited the recent illnesses and deaths related to vaping as the reason for the ban.

Some students think it's a good idea.

“I think it's progressive to help the students because it's for our health,” said student Jadon May. “I think it's the good, progressive thing to do for Texas A&M.”

So far, the CDC is linking at least 800 cases of lung injury and 12 deaths across the U.S. to e-cigarettes and vaping.