Teen buys new shoes for her classmate in emotional video

Photo courtesy of Sofi Cruz Turner 

A South Carolina high school student decided to use her hard earned cash for a random act of kindness.

Sofi Cruz Turner has known her friend Jahiem since the 3rd grade. "He has always been that one student where he does all of his work when due, never misses school, always helping the teacher out with stuff in class, and always being a happy human being," she said.

Sofi said recently Jahiem mentioned he needed new shoes. "I’ve always thought about getting him something before but never had the money or the gut to do it," said Sofi. 

 Sofi decided to purchase Jahiem shoes with her own money - with a little help from her mom and "GranDaddy."

Sofi says giving him the shoes was very emotional.

A video Sofi posted on Facebook shows her walking over to Jahiem's desk with a backpack. He continues his work as she says, "I've known you for a very long time. Since 3rd grade and you are very special to me. You're a very good friend to me. And since I got a job I've been thinking about getting something special for somebody. And this is for you."

Her gesture brought Jahiem to tears as he opened the backpack. 

"I am so thankful to know that giving Jahiem those shoes made him so happy and allowing me to realize that giving someone something so special can be life changing," said Sofi.

She posted photos of Jahiem posing in his new shoes on her Facebook page.