Teachers appeal pay cuts under Dallas ISD’s appraisal system

Some Dallas public school teachers took their fight against pay cuts to the Texas Supreme Court.

The Texas State Teachers Association filed the appeal Thursday on behalf of the teachers. They want Education Commissioner Mike Morath to reconsider their grievance.

The teachers said Dallas ISD began a new teacher appraisal system at the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year.

Some teachers got bonuses for their scorecards based partly on STAAR test results. Others who didn’t perform as well failed to get a cost-of-living raise and saw their health insurance premiums go up.

Their complaint argues the evaluations were not released so they did not know they would have a cut in net pay until after the school year started.

In the appeal, the teachers point out that the Texas Education Code requires districts to give a 45-day notice of pay cuts so that teachers have time to find another job before school starts if they choose.

They also don’t believe teachers should be evaluated based on standardized test scores.

Dallas ISD argued the teachers should have known what was to come after the board of trustees approved the appraisal system in 2014.

Commissioner Morath would not hear their grievance because he said it was not filed on time.