TCU students disciplined in alleged cheating scheme

Texas Christian University administrators say several students have been disciplined after accusations of cheating.

The investigation centers around the use of an app that gave students access to active test questions.

On the week of final exams, sunny weather on the TCU campus is met with a dark cloud over an alleged cheating scheme involving students sharing active test questions via an internet app.

TCU officials say the incidents took place over multiple semesters and involve more than one course. At the heart of the allegations is an app and website called Quizlet.

"I've used it personally for a lot of classes. I've never had test questions pop up on it,” said senior student Nico Posinski. “But I think if anybody is doing that they should definitely be punished for that because that is cheating."

Quizlet is similar to an online study group where users share notes, review questions, and sample exams on flash-card-like files they create.

Without specifically explaining the alleged cheating, the university says several students have been disciplined and all have requested a review of their punishment.

The school's newspaper says there are at least 12 students who were disciplined.

In a statement to FOX 4, the university said:

“Texas Christian University is aware of the situation, as reported, regarding potential cheating involving several students. We understand that these are serious concerns and are treating them as such, fully engaging the university's academic conduct policy and its corresponding appeal process. All students involved have the opportunity to appeal before a final decision is rendered. Above all, an academic community requires the highest standards of honor and integrity in all of its participants if it is to fulfill its mission.”