Suspected robber hospitalized after being shot by victim in Oak Lawn

A man in the Oak Lawn district of Dallas shot and injured a person Saturday morning while he says he was being robbed.

The suspect is in police custody at the hospital, but police aren’t releasing any further details about the person.

Police say the robbery happened at Cedar Springs and Hawthorne just before 3:30 in the morning.

The suspect approached the victim trying to rob them, but at that point the victim pulled a gun out and shot the suspect, who then fled to a hospital.

The incident is the latest in a string of violent robberies and assaults that have happened in oak lawn in recent weeks which have the neighborhood on high alert.

“Everyone's on heightened alert down here. We saw this several years ago, the string of robberies and attacks down here. We're paying very close attention as a community down here to this string of robberies and assaults,” said co-founder of neighborhood watch group Take Back Oak Lawn Lee Daughtry.

Reps with the group say they're working to get emergency call boxes installed in the area and plan to have increased volunteer patrols, especially on busy weekend nights like tonight.

Residents and business owners have also met with Dallas Police for crime watch meetings and a town hall multiple times in the last few weeks to talk strategy and crime prevention.