Surveillance video shows suspect in murder of 81-year-old DeSoto man

DeSoto police released surveillance video Tuesday showing a gunman lurking around the neighborhood in the moments before and after the shooting death of an 81-year-old man.

Investigators T.G. Grady was stalked and shot to death outside his home late Friday. They described his murder as savage, cruel and even evil.

Video shows the suspect ran right up to the truck reached to get something and opened fire on the unarmed man. The suspect was wearing a backpack and pulled a gun out of it..

DeSoto police are releasing a portion of the video in the hopes that someone, who might've been out of town over the holiday weekend, might now see and recognize the capital murder suspect.

"Even the seasoned officers that have been out there and taking a look at this crime scene and are working this investigation just are amazed at actually how heinous it is,” said DeSoto PD Sgt. Nick Bristow.

Thelma Grady, his wife of 34 years found him dead.

"He always tried to help everybody. And for somebody to go and do him that way…,” Grady said.

Investigators spent Tuesday canvassing the neighborhood knocking on doors, talking to residents and looking for additional cameras in the neighborhood 

There's as much as $20,000 of reward money for the arrest and indictment of the capital murder suspect.