Surveillance video shows man torching Fort Worth home

A home security camera captured a man torching a home in Fort Worth over the weekend.

The incident happened in the 5800 block of Whittlesey Road near Briery Street early Saturday. The small home was gutted and charred by the fire.

In surveillance video from nearby, a man can be seen pouring something on the ground and then flames shoot into the sky. The arsonist, who is possibly burned, seems to celebrate.

The person can be seen jumping around as the flames spread and at one point it appears he was stomping his foot, which may have ignited by those flames.

A neighbor said it was sad and unbelievable that someone would act so cowardly.

Some in the community say there was a fight recently that took place and they believe this fire was a form of revenge.

Police said a person of interest has been identified, but it’s unclear if arson investigators have connected with the person to question them.