Student's emotional support dog goes missing before returning to school

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A college student from Ohio wrapping up an internship in North Texas is holding on to hope that she can locate her most beloved possession.

Maggie Boyer says her dog, a 2-year old Husky mix, has the special gift of providing emotional support, but he disappeared from her Plano condo nearly three months ago. She's desperately hoping for a reunion before she must return home.

Kluber is Boyer's emotional support animal, a dog she adopted just after her twin brother committed suicide in 2016. Kluber has now been missing since May.

"He can tell when I'm anxious. He can tell when I'm depressed,” Boyer said. “He comes and just lays his head on my chest and is there for me."

New to the neighborhood, Kluber darted out of the front door to explore. Their condo is near the tollway and Granite Parkway.

"At first, I wasn't worried because he likes to run and he'll come right home,” Boyer said. “But time passed."

Boyer is originally from Ohio. She’s been in Plano for a summer internship in physical therapy that ends next week. Adding to her concerns, her mother was recently diagnosed with cancer.

"Going back to that situation without my dog is just unbearable to me,” she said. “He's my best friend. He’s been there with me through everything. Going back and leaving him here in Texas, it's devastating.”

Flyers and social media yielded possible sightings.  A pet detective with search dogs tracked Kluber’s scent to a nearby shopping area and picked it up at an apartment complex a couple miles away after someone shared they think they saw him there with a man.

Boyer is holding out hope.

“It's been exhausting. It's been emotionally draining,” she said. “But I can't imagine going back to Ohio and going back to school without him."

Boyer has also been checking at nearby animal shelters and vet offices. She says Kluber is microchipped and is offering a reward for his return.

Boyer has created a Facebook page called ‘Bring Kluber Home' for anyone who wants to reach out to her.