Stay in the Lines: Southlake police use coloring page to teach drivers a lesson

The Southlake Department of Public Safety is getting a lot of attention for its creative way of responding to drivers who can’t seem to park between the lines.

The police department shared a photo of its new flier – essentially a coloring page – on the windshield of a poorly parked truck.

“We noticed you had a little trouble staying in the lines when you parked next to a handicapped space... maybe if you practice coloring our patch and stay in the lines here it could help you avoid citations in the future,” the flier warns.

The photo reached the top spot on Reddit Wednesday.

“We try to avoid snark and sass (we REALLY do 😉), but sometimes our fair citizens make it hard,” Southlake DPS said on Twitter. “Please stay in the lines when you park ESPECIALLY if it's next to a handicapped spot or you might be the recipient of one of our new fliers.”

Police again reminded drivers to “be kind, drive kind and park kind!”