Spotify Wrapped 2022 is here -- How to see your most listened to songs

(Photo: Screenshot of Spotify)

It's that time of year when Spotify compiles your listening history and shows you how great (or embarrassing) it was.

On Spotify Wrapped, the music streaming app tells you the top songs and artists you listened to in 2022. It then puts your 100 most streamed songs into a playlist that you can save and listen to all year long. (Yes, I still go listen to my 2017 Wrapped playlist…)

It also tells you how many minutes you spent listening to music, and how it compares to other listeners. Plus, you can see your top genres, and which genres you started and ended your day with. 

It's all put together, so you can share it and show everyone how great your music tastes are. 

If you can't see Spotify Wrapped in your app, you can get to yours here