Southwest Airlines pilots picket for first time in history

Hundreds of Southwest Airlines pilots picketed for a better contract on Wednesday for the first time in the airline's history.

The Dallas-based airline employs about 8,000 pilots. One group picketed across the street from the entrance to Dallas Love Field at Mockingbird Lane and Cedar Springs. Others picketed in front of the executive offices in the airport's main lobby.

Union representatives said they want the contract issue resolved so the airline can move forward.

“We're huge fans of our company, we're huge fans of the success and heritage of Southwest Airlines and for us to be out here, it’s a significant step for all of these pilots,” said Michael Panebianco, Southwest Airlines Pilot Association.

The pilots turned down a 4-year contract deal in November. They've been working without a contract since 2012 and said Southwest should give them more money since it is making record profits.