Softball teams show support for 9-year-old Grand Prairie girl's family

A softball tournament was held over the weekend to help raise money for the family of a little girl who died on life support.

Games were played in honor of Payton Summons at McFalls Park East in Grand Prairie. That’s where she used to play with the Lady Rangers.

Summons died last month as a court battle played out between her parents and Cook Children’s Hospital. The medical center said she was brain dead and had no chance of a recovery. Her family tried unsuccessfully to find another place to take and care for her.

Saturday’s tournament was organized Eddie Solis, the 9-year-old’s softball coach. He said she played second base and shortstop and was known to never quit.

"We'd work for an hour, two hours and it would just be her by herself. Her main goal was to get better because we were planning to go select, which we were playing against more advanced softball teams and she wanted to be a part of that,” Solis said.

Over 40 teams from all over North Texas and Oklahoma signed up to compete in the tournament. Most didn’t know Summons but said they knew her story and wanted to do something to help.

“We just came to show our support for her family, for her friends and for the whole softball community. Because it's just, she's one of our own,” said Dani Ramos with the Lady Misfits in Mesquite.

The past few weeks have been extremely difficult for the family. Solis said they were shocked by the number of teams that came out to support them.

"She's looking down and she's just smiling right now. You know, she's happy with all the teams that have come out. They’re showing support for her and for the family,” her coach said.