Serial rape suspect charged in 3 attacks on North Texas women

Mesquite police say the man accused of attacking two women in Uptown Dallas also raped a Mesquite woman.

Dralon Patterson, 33, allegedly used a fake online profile to lure the woman to a vacant home. But in the Dallas cases, police say he attacked random women walking to their cars. The most recent assault happened in late January.

It was the publicity of the most recent Uptown attack and Patterson’s mug shot that got the attention of the Mesquite woman who says she’s sure he was her attacker too. Police say the evidence supports her claim.

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Patterson has been sitting in the Dallas County jail since February. He’s charged with raping a woman walking alone in an Uptown Dallas parking garage. Police says DNA evidence also connects him to a similar Uptown crime from 2017.

“It wasn’t a matter of time before he either victimized someone else and continued to victimize people until we got him into custody,” said Mesquite Police Sgt. Mark Bradford.

Police say Patterson is responsible for raping a Mesquite woman, but in this case, using a fake online profile. Police documents say Patterson was calling himself “Brandon Jones” online.  The woman had “talked with Jones for "a while" via Instagram and Snapchat and later agreed to meet him at a Mesquite house on January 23. She says when he answered the door, he had a gun and forced her inside where he raped her.

“What social media allows you to do is maintain contact with multiple people at one time,” Bradford said. “And so I could be talking to one person and developing a relationship with someone else and someone else and all I’m trying to do is find that one person who is going to come meet me.”

Mesquite police say the woman said her attacker brandished a two-toned semi-automatic weapon and wore a "black and white camo style jacket with the word “combat'" on it.

Police say Patterson was wearing the same jacket when he was arrested a few days later for the Uptown rape and a pistol was recovered matching the weapon in the Mesquite assault. Police say it’s likely more people were victimized between the 2017 attack and the recent rapes.

“It’s a very good possibility that there wasn’t a gap in his activity,” Bradford said. “There’s just a gap in which ones we were alerted to.”