Royse City parents outraged after student wears Confederate flag to school

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Some parents in Royse City met with city leaders over a high school student's controversial act of wearing a Confederate flag as a cape to school.

Parents have protested after being angered over the student's actions and the Royse City ISD's response.

They wanted a meeting with the mayor, city manager, and police chief to talk about the social and cultural climate.

They say they feel city leaders are supportive of their concerns, but since the incident was school related, the city has no authority in the matter.

"They welcome you with open arms here. That's why I moved to Royse City. I could've moved anywhere in the United States, but I moved here,” parent Eric Price said. “But the school system, that's gonna be something we got to work on, and how they handle these situations."

The parents hope to meet with the superintendent next week.

Royse City ISD said in a statement that it confiscated the flag from the student after he ignored requests to stop wearing it.

The school district said the student was disciplined, but cannot release details about it because of privacy laws.