Road preps underway for potential Wednesday winter weather

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TxDOT, the North Texas Tollway Authority and some North Texas cities started to get ready Monday for potential winter weather Wednesday.

TxDOT trucks were seen loading up and heading out with the brine pre-treatment solution to put on North Texas bridges and overpasses. The solution is designed to last several days and helps raise the temperature of road surfaces. The City of Lewisville also pretreated roads in its city limits.

Colder, icy weather is on the way this week -- the question for the National Weather Service is exactly when and where in North Texas. A Winter Storm Watch will go into effect for western areas of the region starting early Wednesday morning.

“Kind of concerns us a little bit, may be slowing down and causing some more problems,” said Steve Fano, NWS Fort Worth.

If a system slows it gives colder air more time to catch up.

“You get a little bit of wind and temperatures, cooling into the 20’s and everything is ice,” Fano said.

That’s not to say it will get that cold but the moisture will be there.

“Kind of watching as this system churns up in the desert southwest, pulling all this moisture off the Pacific right up over North Texas,” Fano said.

TxDOT and the NTTA are ready for any kind of winter mix that may accumulate on the roads.

“Pre-treating today and tomorrow,” said TxDOT spokeswoman Bethany Kurtz. “We do have sand that will improve the traction and salt that will help some with traction and also help to melt.”

TxDOT has treated main highways throughout North Texas and is working on some rural roads.

“Regardless of where it hits or when it hits, all of our crews are ready to go out and assist any of the other counties that may need it,” Kurtz said. “We’ll share the resources as needed.”

TxDOT says if ice does collect on roads they’re have crews on standby to sand the roads to give cars more traction.