Republicans, Democrats hold campaign rallies in North Texas

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Expect campaign and voting rallies every day in North Texas until Election Day on November 6.

Governor Greg Abbot was in town on Tuesday to support Dallas County D.A. Faith Johnson and other Republican candidates.

In the meantime, there was some celebrity star-power and a very different vibe at a high school and community college on the same day.

Entertainers America Ferrera and Alicia Keys are also known for their Democrat activism and get out the vote rallies.

The two rallies stood in stark contrast.

The one at Skyline High School in Pleasant Grove featured musical artist Alicia Keys and actress America Ferrara. They teamed up with Student Voter Initiative and Voto Latino.

"You have to become lifelong voters because there is no democracy without people showing up,” Ferrera said.

Keys and Ferrara are both staunch Democrats who campaigned for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and are regulars at demonstrations for democrat platforms, telling young people that they should know their vote is powerful because of continuing efforts to suppress it.

In Irving, there was a very different crowd but with energy just as high. Governor Abbott led a delegation of Republican candidates and urged their voters to flood the polls.

"We need you to ensure that Texas remains the freest, the strongest and the reddest state in America,” Abbott said.

Later, the governor expressed cautious optimism about what he's seen so far with a surge in early voting.

"We know we're going to have very high turnout. So we need Republicans across Dallas County and across the state of Texas to turn out,” he said.

Meantime, lines continue to be long at early voting sites where Republican voters are motivated by a caravan of migrants approaching from Central America. Others hope to keep control of Congress.

But change was the word we heard the most.

Early voting numbers continue to set records for a mid-term election.

In Dallas County, 54,857 early votes have already been cast. That's 1,000 more than were cast two years ago on the second day of early voting during the presidential election.