Report: NFL investigating bar fight involving Cowboys' Tyrone Crawford

The NFL is investigating a bar fight in Florida involving Dallas Cowboys defensive end Tyrone Crawford, according to TMZ.

TMZ Sports obtained cell phone video of the fight at the Panama City bar on Friday, March 15. Several witnesses identified Crawford as the man seen on video fighting with bar security.

The cell phone video has now gone viral. A spokesman for the Dallas Cowboys had no comment when asked about Crawford's involvement in the very public fight. However, the NFL is investigating.

According to police reports obtained by FOX 4, Panama City Beach officers responded to the bar "in reference to an altercation."

The report doesn't mention Crawford by name, but the 285-pounder can be clearly seen in the cell phone video fighting with security guards and officers trying to break up the fight.

Walter Musgrove is an NFL agent and attorney not associated with the case. He says there’s no doubt the NFL is investigating Crawford's actions.

“The conduct policy clearly states that if the league receives any type of information or belief and offense of the policy took place, they do have a duty to investigate,” Musgrove said. “They can do it themselves or hire an independent firm to conduct the investigation.”

The police report states "the altercation that initiated the incident was not captured on surveillance video due to being in a blind spot." It goes on to say "security and the separated individuals were both aggressors in this altercation."

Crawford has not been criminally charged for his role in the brawl. The seven-year Cowboys veteran is considered a leader on the team. He was voted a defensive captain by his teammates and is playing where he is needed on the D-line.

Crawford is personally involved in several charities and those the Cowboys sponsor. He Often spends time with children in the off-season and on days off during the season.

But Musgrove says this incident will hurt Crawford’s public image.

“It makes for great TV. But the reality is for Mr. Crawford's opportunities to continue his professional career as a football player,” Musgrove said. “This video is huge.”

Police reports say that some of the unnamed individuals involved in the fight were from Canada. Crawford is from Windsor, Canada.

The NFL could end up suspending Crawford once their investigation is complete.