Police: Homeless man arrested for lewd act at Atlanta's airport

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Police charge a man with public indecency after women said he exposed himself in the atrium of Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

It happened Sunday morning right in front of one of the shops in the atrium.

There were female travelers present along with children who witnessed the abnormal behavior.

The man was identified as Antonio Diaz. Police said he is homeless and had been released from prison back in September. He also has an extensive criminal record which includes violent acts.

While the chief of police has ordered stepped up patrols to reduce the number of homeless, some have yet to get the word that they will no longer be able to live at the airport.

In recent days, the number of vagrants has decreased. However, what concerns officers are those who are not following their instructions. They said some act irrationally and do break the law.

Major Timothy Peek said the city is trying to take a holistic approach and guide homeless to services around the city. He added they are not going to be allowed, as they have been, to literally set up an encampment inside the atrium.