Officials: Person of interest ID'd in McKinney Christmas decoration vandalism

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The McKinney Fire Department now has a person of interest in the arson investigation involving a man who set a couple’s front porch Christmas decorations on fire.

The incident was captured by the couple’s home surveillance camera. A man is seen wearing house shoes as he sits down to watch a wreath burn that he set on fire.

He first urinates on the door and doormat, then sets the wreath and a topiary on fire. The damage was discovered last Wednesday.

Christine O’Connor, who doesn’t know the homeowners but makes holiday decorations, says she saw the story on FOX4 and had to help.

“I’m always shocked when people behave badly. I thought that’s a no brainer. I’ve got a few things out in the garage and so I did a few things special for her and I refuse to believe bad things or bad people overwhelm us,” said O’Connor.

The homeowners will be greeted by the new decorations they return from their honeymoon. The homeowner’s sister says she will be thrilled to see the kindness of others covering up the burn marks on her front porch.

Fire officials emphasized there’s been no arrest, but the investigation is ongoing.