North Texas teen goes home after battling rare brain infection

A North Texas teenage girl is back home Monday after a rare brain infection put her in the hospital for nearly four months.

Acute necrotizing encephalopathy wreaked havoc on 15-year old Morgan Larance's body, partially collapsing one of her lungs and causing her to lose control of some of her limbs.

Morgan got what seemed like the flu months ago, but the family says doctors told them that developed into the rare neurological brain wasting disease.

There was a time when her family feared the worse and weren’t certain she would get to leave the hospital. Morgan’s mother said their faith is what got them through everything.

"How can a hole in a brain stem, holes in a brain stem and spinal cord heal, just heal themselves this quick?” mom Jennifer Kimbro said. “There's no other explanation.”

Morgan says she doesn’t want anything special -- just to be herself, again.

“Just my normal life, being able to be at home and see my friends and just go places,” Morgan said.

Morgan got into a giant limo with her parents and many of her friends from school when she left the hospital. It will be a long ride back to Bryson, 80 miles northwest of Fort Worth, but it's in the direction of home and there’s no other place Morgan would rather be.

"It's been a tough ride but God pulled me through it, time to go home,” Morgan said.

Morgan says she is getting stronger every day, but still has to get a lot of rest as part of her rehabilitation. She says she will be back in school in the fall.