North Texas mom struck by lightning

The first round of severe weather in North Texas left behind injuries and damage.

Firefighters battled a house fire started by the storm, and a Midlothian mother says she was struck by lightning while inside of her home.

"As soon as I saw the lightning bolt come down, seemed so surreal, like living in a dream,” said Kaci Martinez. “…It was just so fast. It pushed me back into the couch like that."

She says the lightning surged through the TV box.

"I guess the side flash from it hitting the Direct TV box to me on the couch, but it did come through [the] window,” she said.

Martinez says she was on her cell phone, which was plugged into a charger.

Her husband called moment after the lightning strike.

“‘God, please don't let me die, please don't let me die,’” Martinez said she was thinking. “‘I can't breathe. I just got hit by lightning.’"

She says she felt numbness in her arm and had shortness of breath. She went to the hospital and got checked out, and so far, she’s going to be OK.

A few streets over from Martinez, lightning started a fire on the roof of a two-story house.

The homeowners are OK, but the Midlothian Fire Department says a firefighter was injured by electrical wires.

Bill Drozdoski was a few doors down when he saw lightning strike his neighbor's house.

“Sort of like a big bang,” said Drozdoski. “Weather started moving in rain, came down. We started getting hail real quick and lightning and boom! We looked over and his house was on fire."

The firefighter is also expected to be alright.