North Texas high school hopes to ‘Make Band Great Again'

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With the president-elect's inauguration only a few days ago, a North Texas school marching band is preparing to perform at the event.

The Crawford High School marching band will be one of the groups performing during President-Elect Donald Trump’s inauguration. It's an honor for the group that just last year wasn't allowed to play the national anthem at football games.

A year ago, the program was in shambles. They had no director and were actually told not to play the National Anthem because they weren't good enough.

“They called us an embarrassment when we played it,” recalled band member Hunter Pace.

Fast forward to this year when Daniel Yguerabide came in fresh out of college and made the National Anthem priority one.

"I knew that we had to come in and do something a little different,” the new band director said.

And that included a new theme — Make Band Great Again.

The band went from only 10 kids on the first day of band camp to 23 by week's end.

"These kids put a lot of effort to prove people wrong,” Yguerabide said.

"It was one of those classes that everyone was just ready to get out of,” recalled band member John Donald. “And then coming into this year and where we are now, everyone's excited for Band. And everyone just loves it."

After networking with politicians during his stint as a Texas delegate for Trump at the Republican National Convention, ‘Mr. Y’ was asked to bring his band to play at the Inauguration next week.

“We usually play for 700 people in Crawford, a very small town in Texas,” Pace said. “And now that we're playing for the nation and even for the president, it's just so surprising and amazing that we're able to do this."

"Everyone just got so excited because we were actually getting to do something,” Donald said.

They'll play for two inaugural balls — one before the ceremony and one after.

"It just makes everyone want to play a lot better,” Pace said.

Crawford is widely known for being home to the ranch of Former President George W. Bush. But the band is making a name for itself.

"It's a good example of the American story, and that's really what I used to feed into them,” said Yguerabide. “If you work hard and persevere, it doesn't matter where you start, it's how you finish."

The inauguration ceremony will be next Friday. The swearing in is expected at 11 a.m.