Several events held across North Texas to give away food for Thanksgiving

Families from across North Texas lined up Friday to get food they can eat on Thanksgiving Day.

Several organizations had giveaways around the area to support North Texans.

An event in Fort Worth, which was put on by the Texas Rangers Youth Academy and the nonprofit Bucker International, is one of many helping folks this Thanksgiving holiday.

They handed out turkeys and all the fixings.

Some were first-time recipients.

It's a busy time of year at the Community Food Bank in Fort Worth.

The nonprofit is handing out dozens of Thanksgiving meals to people in need.

"Certainly helps, especially when you're homeless and jobless. Pretty hard to make it out on the streets sometimes," Glen Bolin said.

Clients comes from a variety backgrounds.

Some are first-time recipients.

"We're here to help you, and there's nothing shameful if it's your turn to receive," Community Food Bank Executive Director Regina Taylor said.

People like Dora Andrade, who has seven kids.

"It's so great, so great, especially with the kids we got at home," she said.

"So many first-time people, so we ask them to slow down a bit, fill out these forms," Taylor said. "We put them in the system. That way, the next giveaway, they can come on through. That's what's happening right now."

Community Food Bank's executive director said companies they normally bought food from at cost didn't have it because of supply chain shortages.

Still, she made it work.

"It's a whole different world we live in, but thank God I had foundations that stepped up," Taylor said.

Recipients did have to be pre-registered to attend this event, though there are many distribution events that are open to the public.

It's best to check with your local food pantry for guidance on where to go.

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Across town in Dallas, Cajun cuisine caterer The Bearded Chef, Jared Chenevert, made a special delivery to teachers at three Dallas ISD schools in Oak Cliff.

A total of 210 homemade meals were handed out.

They received a turkey, along with all the traditional Thanksgiving sides. Each feeds a family of four.

The giveaway is courtesy of the Mark Cuban Heroes Foundation.

"It's our passion. They are what we think about on a daily basis and how to help build our community," Chenevert said.

Cedar Crest Elementary School Principal Stacy Ray said, with inflation pinching many pocket books this holiday season, this donation is a blessing.

"Teachers spend a lot of money coming out of their pockets just for the love of the kids, so when it comes time for Thanksgiving, a lot of them are like, ‘How am I going to afford spending the money I need on my family?’" Ray added.