North Texas dad helps daughter blow off steam with garage dance party

A North Texas father has garnered viral attention with his impromptu dance party to cheer up his daughter.

Ivana Reynoso is a college student who came home to her parents for the summer in Grand Prairie.

The 19-year-old University of Central Oklahoma student says it all started when she was having an argument with her mom about why she couldn’t find a job while home for the summer.

While Reynoso and her mom were in a heated argument, her dad walked into the home. In an attempt to break up the disagreement, he took his daughter to the garage.

“I was just trying out my new DJ lights in the garage, and I went into the house to find my daughter and wife having a little argument,” the dad explained. “So I brought her in the garage to get in her in a good mood. I know she loves music and dancing.”

Reynoso says her dad told her to wait by the garage door and not go in until she heard music. Once Lady Gaga’s ‘Just Dance’ song came on, she walked in to find the garage had been transformed into an impromptu dance party.

“He could see I was in a bad mood, and he kept nudging me to dance,” Reynoso said. “For a while, I wasn't having it. But after realizing my dad's efforts, I couldn't help but get in a better mood.”

Without her dad’s knowledge, Reynoso set up her phone and started recording their dancing.

Reynoso posted the video to Twitter and immediately garnered plenty of attention.

With 10.4 million views and almost 200,000 retweets, it’s safe to say the internet approves of the dad dance moves and his efforts to cheer up his daughter.

Great job, dad!