North Texans prepare for possible icy weather

Winter weather could move into North Texas overnight. The Texas Department of Transportation is pre-treating the roads just in case to keep any freezing rain from turning into ice.

The National Weather Service says freezing rain is possible west of the Metroplex Wednesday. That could lead to ice accumulations, especially on bridges and overpasses. And it could make for hazardous conditions. Drivers heading out will need to remain cautious.

TxDOT and several other local municipalities have been preparing. They spent New Year’s Eve pre-treating roads with a brine solution. That essentially makes it difficult for the roads to freeze over. The department said if ice does collect on the roads, crews will be on standby to sand the areas which will give cars more traction.

A winter weather advisory is in effect early Wednesday morning through Friday morning. The National Weather Service is keeping a close eye on things.  The moisture and rain are a given but it will really depend on how cold the temperatures get.

Home improvement stores are also getting ready just in case. Lowe’s was pushing the cold weather supplies to the front of the store Tuesday morning. They recommend people put salt or deicer, as well as sand, on concrete driveways and sidewalks to prevent any slipping.