North Texans help non-profit recoup more than what was lost after fire

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A non-profit in Southeast Dallas managed to give dozens of children an early Christmas after a fire destroyed most of the donated toys for their annual giveaway.

The offices of Quest for Greater Success were destroyed in a fire early Tuesday morning, along with presents for more than 50 families. What followed was an outpouring of support from people who stepped in to donate.

Thanks to the generosity of strangers, Quest for Greater Dallas was able to help 30 more families than originally planned, giving out not only toys, but groceries and Christmas dinner, donated from various businesses.

“I said no, we're going to do what we planned to do, we're going to get these toys back and we did.” Said the organization’s executive director, Assata Thomas.

The donations began pouring in from across North Texas within hours of the fire.

“We had BoomerJacks donate 50 turkeys and mac n cheese, we had Honey Baked Ham donate 25 fully cooked, boneless baked hams.” Said Thomas.

At Saturday’s giveaway, dozens of families came out to celebrate the holidays. Hattie Kennedy got toys for her great-grandchildren who she raises with her husband.

“They don't get anything, that's the only way I get it, right here. I need someone to kind of help me out, you know.” She said.

“For that community, just where it is, sometimes people feel like they don't care, and I think this is proof people care.” Said Thomas.