New York City opens tent camp for migrants bused from Texas, Arizona

New York City is making adjustments to deal with an influx in migrants bused to New York from Texas and Arizona.

On Wednesday, the city opened a tent camp, designed to house up to 500 adult men on a temporary basis.

The camp is expected to help New York's shelter system, which has been overwhelmed by asylum seekers.

Texas governor Greg Abbott has sent close to 3,500 asylum-seekers on chartered buses to New York in recent months.

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The City of El Paso also bused more than 7,000 migrants to NYC.

Officials in El Paso say something had to be done.

"When the migrants from Venezuela came into El Paso, and they were there, El Paso was bacially overwhelmed. They were truly overwhelmed," said former El Paso U.S. Marshal Robert Almonte.

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When the center in New York opened only two or three migrants actually showed up.

It's through that some asylum-seekers arriving in the city chose to look elsewhere for shelter.

More migrants are expected to arrive at the center on Thursday and in the days and weeks ahead.