New billboard in downtown Phoenix shows Trump behind bars in prison jumpsuit

President Donald Trump is seen in a prison jumpsuit on a billboard near 11th and Grand avenues in Phoenix, AZ on Dec. 17, 2020.

A new billboard has gone up in downtown Phoenix. This time, President Donald Trump is behind bars in a prison jumpsuit with an inmate badge that says "Don the Con."

The anti-Trump billboard is located along Grand Avenue near 11th Avenue. There’s also a ticker below it, displaying the increasing number of COVID-19 deaths in the U.S.


Southern California artist Karen Fiorito created the billboard. It's owned by Beatrice Moore, who commissioned the art.

Back in June, the previous Trump billboard that had been in place for more than three years was replaced with a new billboard, featuring the message:

"Vote. Free and fair elections. Human rights. Believe science. No more corporate welfare. People and planet over profit. Affordable healthcare."

At the time, Fiorito wrote on social media:

"We have temporarily covered up Trumpocalypse and Unity with pro-voting and pro BLM billboards."

While the previous billboard was up, it was vandalized.

Back in February, a 3D clown nose was placed on the president's face, after a flat red nose was placed there last November.

On Facebook, Moore says of the new billboard, "Good photo-op; up until the last week of January."

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