Nationwide study: Dangerous driving on US roads has reached 'alarming highs'

A recent study from insurance provider Nationwide has found that dangerous driving behavior in the U.S. has reached "alarming highs." 

Younger drivers are among the worst

According to the study, published last month, researchers noted that of all drivers, Gen Z consisted of the worst offenders when it comes to unsafe driving habits. 

59% of Gen Z drivers reported being more impatient on the road than they were a year ago and 47% reported driving faster and using a hand-held device while behind the wheel. 

U.S. drivers might be delusional

Nationwide said it also found that many drivers are highly critical of other drivers on the road while rating their own performance behind the wheel to be exceptional. 

86% of drivers rated their own driving behavior as excellent or very good while only 23% gave good ratings to others on the road. 

Speeding and multitasking is a bad habit

More than half of Americans admitted to driving 10+ mph above the speed limit over the past 12 months, according to the study. More concerning was the fact that a large percentage of those drivers reported multitasking while behind the wheel. 

More than a third of Americans who identified as passengers said they witnessed their drivers texting while driving.