N. Texas woman holds massive back to school event in spite of life threatening disease

A North Texas woman is not letting a life-threatening disease stop her from helping hundreds of families.
Hundreds of Kaufman County kids are now ready for school thanks to Rhonda Morrow. For her, even walking can be a struggle, but she refuses to let Multiple Sclerosis impact her desire to help others.
Each year, her back to school event serves more than 600 people. Morrow found out she had MS at just 23-years-old.
“At the time I was angry, thinking you have so many people doing bad things, here I am trying to help the community, why would this happen to me,” she said.

But she decided not to let the disease stop her.

“Learning to pray, I have to know everything is in God's hands, and I knew this was something he had for me to deal with,” she said. “I made up my mind if God gives me strength to stay on my feet, a cane, walker, I'm going to give back, this is my way of giving back.”

Morrow raised her daughter as a single mother, battling the crippling disease, so she knows what it’s like to need a helping hand.

“When she was younger, there were things she needed that I wasn't able to get on my own,” said Morrow.

She named her charitable organization in her daughter’s honor, Taylor Community Outreach, and while she admits she’s tired, Morrow says it’s all worth it.