Medlock Park neighbors tired of potholes fill them with flowers

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A group of neighbors in Medlock Park said they're sick of the potholes not being filled in their area, so they took matters into their own hands. Several potholes in Decatur are now filled, but with plants instead of asphalt.

Ten-year-old Harper Walton-Mouw and her family added some Lego toys to one of the potholes. she refers to it as the "pothole party."

Fellow neighbor Ingrid Anderson has a large pothole right outside her home that she filled with mulch and plants.

"I couldn't paint it because it's a pothole, so I wondered what I could do with it," Anderson said. "We started joking about all the grass growing in it, and so I went and got some annuals to have some fun with it."

That's when the rest of the block joined in. A small gnome and other decorations now sit in the pothole.

Neighbors told FOX 5 there was a large water main break months ago, and several parts of the street have not been fixed since. They say they're tried to call the county and ask for help, but nothing has worked.

In the meantime, they said it's been a fun experience to get the neighborhood together and make something beautiful out what they call an unsightly and dangerous street.