Mayfest opening delayed by Thursday's storms

Mayfest in Fort Worth opened late on Thursday after heavy storms blew through the area on Thursday.

Organizers delayed opening by an hour and a half so the festival grounds could dry out.

The storm came through Thursday morning with thunder and lightning. Heavy winds blew the rain in and around tents and exhibits. Officials said everything held up pretty well and there was no major damage.

Elsewhere in Fort Worth, storms caused traffic on I-30 to shut down in both directions after a downed power line crossed the highway near Cooks Lane. Hours after the storm, Oncor crews tried to restore power to the intersection of Riverside and Belknap. Businesses closed temporarily. The traffic light was also out.

But afternoon sun and hunger brought smiles to the faces to those who'd waited long enough for the weather to clear for Mayfest.

"We came early and just had to run around Target and come back,” one person said.

"We knew it was going to go away, but we didn't know if it would be open or keep it closed,” another person said.

Long before the storm arrived, Mayfest put out an alert to its workers and vendors to either evacuate or take shelter in their cars.

Mayfest opened at 5 p.m. Thursday and admission is free. The festival will continue through Sunday.