Man with Down syndrome runs sock business worth $4M

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Down syndrome doesn't hold back a 22-year-old who co-founded with his dad a sock company now worth $4 million. 

Mark Cronin said the company, John's Crazy Socks, is named for his son's passion. It seems like nothing can stand in their way. In just a year and a half, John's Crazy Socks has grown into a $4 million empire. 

"We've been able to create 35 jobs, eighteen of those are held by people of differing abilities," said Mark Cronin. "We've raised of $135,000 for our charity partners. Our customers are happy."

John designs the socks and fills the orders with his mission being to spread happiness. 

"Why socks? Because it's fun. It's colorful, I like being creative and I want to see wonderful things here," John said. 

John's Crazy Socks has more than 10,000 online reviews, and 96 percent are 5-star reviews.

"We've done a lot of business," Mark said. "We've shipped over 115,000 orders and earned over $4 million in revenue." 

John also has some big fans of his work, including former President George H.W. Bush who he's been exchanging socks with for the past year.