Man handcrafting furniture out of Wimberley Cypress trees for flood victims

In Seguin there lives an artist with tough hands, a big heart and a love for all things wood.

"The wood and I get along just fine," said John Hollaway who has always loved working with tools.

John's sister and many of his friends had homes in Wimberley during the Memorial Day weekend flood.

"It was about two weeks after the flood that I actually went to Wimberley. And when I got to the Ranch Road 12 bridge going into Wimberley, that's when it hit me," said Hollaway.

"It's so unfortunate and it breaks my heart  to see these big beautiful trees, some of them hundreds of years old, some of them as old as like 500 years old that were sprouting up when Christopher Columbus discovered the New World, they're up by the roots. They're dead," Hollaway added.