Man born in Dallas indicted for conspiring to support ISIS after being captured in Syria

A federal grand jury has indicted a man born in Dallas for conspiring to support ISIS after being smuggled into Syria.

The FBI said that U.S. backed Syrian Democratic Forces captured 23-year-old Omer Kuzu while he was working for and conspiring to give supportive materials to the Islamic State.

If convicted, Kuzu faces up to 20 years in federal prison.

Investigators said that Kuzu admitted that he and his brother were smuggled into Syria by ISIS after they flew from Houston to Istanbul, Turkey, to join ISIS in 2014.

Kuzu reportedly confessed that he and his brother ended up in Mosul, Iraq, where he was trained by ISIS.

After making it to Syria, Kuzu told investigators that he pledged allegiance to ISIS, and after being issued a Chinese-made AK-47, he was paid $125 a month to repair communication equipment for frontline ISIS fighters.

As Kurdish forces advanced in early 2019, Kuzu reportedly admitted that he fled with the ISIS fighters, before being caught by Syrian Democratic Forces.