Justin Timberlake surprises starstruck Florida grandma

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Pop super star Justin Timberlake and his management team took the time to make the oldest fan at Monday’s Man Of the Woods tour stop feel like a teenager.  

Video of 88-year-old Bette Malone, affectionately known as “Nammie,” opening up tickets to the show on Easter went viral.  

It caught the attention of Angela Berkebile, who is the executive assistant to Timberlake’s manager, Johnny Wright, and the wheels were set in motion to arrange a meeting between Nammie and JT.

“Aahhhh! I’m so excited to meet you!” Nammie said to Timberlake as he walked into a backstage room at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida where he greeted her with a big hug.  “I saw your story, along with every else in the country.  So sweet,” Timberlake said to Nammie.  

The video that Nammie’s granddaughters posted to Instagram shows Nammie opening an Easter egg, pulling out a concert ticket and freaking out

“Is this for real? For real, real-real? Oh my god!” 



JT and his team were so touched by that video, they upgraded the family’s seats and set up an epic meet and greet.  

Nammie took full advantage of her once in a life time experience.  

“Do think Jessica [Biel] would mind if I kissed you on your cheek,” Nammie asked Timberlake, referring to his Timberlake’s wife.  “She won’t mind,” Timberlake said.  

Nammie immediately smooched him on his cheek.  

“Would she mind if you kissed me on my cheek?” Nammie asked.  

“What’s going on here? I’m getting hustled,” Timberlake said while laughing. 

In the days between Easter and the May 14 concert date, Nammie prepared.  Her caretaker printed out all the words to the songs on Timberlake’s new Man Of The Woods album, and the two would sing along to the CD in the car on their way to appointments.  The 88-year-old sang along to every single song Monday night.  

Just when Nammie thought her night couldn’t get any better, in the middle of the concert, JT gave her a special shout out.  

“There was a pretty little lady that ended up on the news here named Nammie.  She is 88 … I love you,” Timberlake told the sold out crowd from center stage in between hits.  

“He said he loved me,” said Nammie.  

She said the concert experience ranks up with the best days of her life, along with the day she got married, gave birth to her children and the days her granddaughters were born.  

“I just meant so much to me,” said Nammie.

The octogenarian said she watches The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon every night. That’s where she first saw Justin Timberlake about six years ago.  Nammie said she thought he was funny, started listening to his music, and she’s been hooked ever since.  Now, after meeting JT, she said she loves him even more. 

“He’s so real.  Very sincere, very respectful, very warm.”