IRS stimulus check rollout continues to be riddled with mistakes

Last week, FOX 4 told you about economic stimulus checks being deposited into temporary accounts set up by tax prep services.

Now, consumers are getting notices from the IRS that their money is being deposited into the same wrong accounts for a second time.

The IRS admits they’ve made another mistake. However, this one is good news.

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When we first introduced you to Terri Mason, she was pretty laid back about waiting on her stimulus check. But then she found out somebody else got it instead after the IRS mistakenly sent stimulus checks to temporary accounts set up by banks funding refund advances for tax preparers instead of directly to taxpayers themselves.

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MetaBank, who received the check along with many others, sent it back to the IRS who said the stimulus relief would be reissued by paper check instead.

In the meantime, FOX 4 has learned the bank for H&R Block, the nation’s largest tax prep chain, also was mistakenly on the receiving end of stimulus money which was also sent back to be reissued by paper.

But the latest update from the IRS tracking site says the check is being deposited into the same wrong account.

Mason is just one of many viewers who contacted FOX 4 to say they have been notified when they tracked their check that their missing money is being deposited in to the wrong account for a second time.

“Between the bank and the IRS, maybe somebody will get it right,” Mason said. “Maybe. And all I can do is just wait.”

The good news is while Mason and countless others will have to wait for their check, they won't have to wait for it to clear the wrong deposit again and be returned again.

The IRS admits it’s another big mistake.

“There was a reporting error which inaccurately indicated rejected payments were being sent back to the same account a second time,” an IRS spokesperson said. “They are actually being mailed."

“You would think there would be better process, especially from the government itself,” Mason said.

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Again, the good news is if you are getting a notification from the IRS when you track your check that it's being deposited again into the same wrong account, it’s not. The IRS says that's an error, and they are in fact processing paper checks.

Unfortunately, once a check is scheduled for delivery, there is no way to update banking or address information to speed things up.

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