Interfaith prayer held in North Texas for victims of New Zealand mosque attacks

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A "Together in Peace" gathering was held in Southlake Sunday to remember those killed in the New Zealand mosque attacks, along with a special prayer at St. Rita's Catholic Church in Dallas.

Southlake Councilman Shahid Shafi is a Republican official who has faced opposition in the past from some in the Tarrant County Republican Party because of his Muslim faith.

Shafi said he wants to send a message of peace, and hopes people come together despite their differences.

"We all have the same fears and aspirations for our families and children," he said. "Underneath the colors of our skin, we all bleed red. We all have the same fears and want to live peacefully. That's the message that needs to come out."

Leaders of St. Rita's Catholic Church in Dallas also held a special prayer service for the victims of the New Zealand attacks.

Hundreds of people gathered to pray for the victims and their families.

During the ceremony, church leaders encouraged members to stand with people of other faiths here at home.

"The response is clearly to find our Muslim neighbors, our Jewish neighbors, and call them our friends, and love them as Christ would have us love them," said Father Joshua Whitfield.

Whitfield also urged everyone to build relationships with and connect to people of different faiths and backgrounds.