Hurricane Beryl: North Texas volunteers heading towards Houston to help

Volunteers with the group Texans on Mission will head toward Houston on Tuesday morning to help those impacted by Hurricane Beryl.

The group of volunteers, formerly known as Texas Baptist Men, will head south down I-45 to help the millions of people without power.

The volunteers will bring a laundry unit and one of its mobile mass feeding kitchens.

They expect to cook up to 6,000 meals a day for people impacted by Hurricane Beryl.

Spokesperson John Hall says they've been preparing to send help ever since Beryl began forming in the Atlantic.

"In times like these, people don't know where to turn and they don't know who to trust. And so Texans on Mission brings a trusted partner that people can rely on, who know that they will be given good advice. They will be given practical help, they will be given prayer, encouragement, just to make the days better now, and for brighter days to come," he said.

Another group of volunteers is already hard at work in southeast Texas.


Beryl Updates: 7 killed in Greater Houston area; 3 million without power

At least seven people are dead after Beryl roared onto the Southeast Texas coast and wreaked havoc in the greater Houston area.

That includes a chainsaw team helping get rid of downed trees and limbs.

Hall says some of those volunteers are helping out even though they lost power as well.