Hometown Hero: Melanie Schuchart

Melanie Schuchart first volunteered at McKinney's Heard Museum in 1987. She left to have her children and came back in 2013 and has been there ever since.

Her world of work is computer software. Her passion is insects, specifically butterflies. There are 472 species in Texas. About 30 are in North Texas and seven species in The Butterfly House at the Heard Museum. It's an enchanting and educational experience.

Butterflies live on average only about 30 days, and they are cold-blooded. Hot Texas weather is ideal for them.

You're likely to see Melanie on the weekends at the Heard Museum in the Butterfly Garden and the Butterfly House.  She has a world of knowledge to share with children.

For info about volunteering there or visiting, log on to www.heardmuseum.org.