Hometown Hero: Make 1 in 3 Zero

When Grace Risinger and Angelina Velis were 13 years old, they started a blog called An Angel Named Grace. It’s a combination of their two names.

It started as a fashion blog, but then they wanted to give back to the Dallas community and make a difference.  The 13-year-olds started researching teen issues and learned that abusive teen dating is a problem.  They made an appointment with Jan Langbein, CEO of the Genesis Women's Shelter. She told them that one in four teenage girls in the U.S. are in an abusive relationship. What's more sobering is that one in three Texas teenage girls are in an abusive relationship. 

Angelina and Grace started "Make 1 in 3 Zero" to raise awareness and raise funds to stop the problem. They made bracelets and now they have "Make 1 in 3 Zero" t-shirts. The shirts sell for $15 and all of the money goes to Genesis Women's Shelter.

In three years, the girls have given more than $2,000 to Genesis and started local teens talking about this problem to create awareness.

For teens, the five signs are abuse that is physical, emotional, spiritual, digital and sexual.  If one of these is evident, get out of the relationship and stay out.

www.angelnamedgrace.com is where you can learn more and buy the t-shirt to benefit the Genesis Women's Shelter.

For women who need immediate help, call (214) 946-HELP. The number is staffed 24/7 at the Genesis Women's Shelter.  If you'd like to donate log on to www.genesishelter.org.