Hometown Hero: Luke Lange

When Luke Lange was 9-years-old he was diagnosed with cancer -- Hodgkin's Lymphoma. It was a scary time filled with hospital visits and hospital gowns.

Luke hated hospital gowns. His parents told him he had to have the chemotherapy but maybe they could do something about hospital gowns.

Luke suggested taking a t-shirt and adding snaps. The family had that made and it became the wonder of the treatment area. Other patients wanted one, the hospital staff was impressed and had never seen anything so cool and functional.

Mavericks Owner, Mark Cuban, is a family friend.  When he saw the t-shirt with snaps on the side, he loved the idea and offered to invest in the non-profit. 

"Luke's Fastbreaks" have been given to 500 young patients in North Texas and Louisiana. The money raised benefits young cancer patients and their families.

On February 16th, Luke will receive "The Spirit of Tom Landry Character Award" from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of North Texas. At the St. Valentine's Day Luncheon and Fashion Show, commemorative shirts with the image of the late Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry will be sold and given to young North Texas patients.

If you'd like to attend the event and see Luke being honored or you'd like to donate a commemorative Luke's Fastbreaks shirt log on to www.stvalentinesdayluncheon.org