Hometown Hero: Debra Ann Mathis

The State Fair of Texas is in Debra Ann Mathis' DNA. When she worked for the City of Dallas, she volunteered at the fair.  Now that she's retired, this grandmother is back at the red information booth.

You'll find her by the Pan Am Gate and in front of the new Champ steer sculpture.  There's a special reason why it's great to have her back.

Two weeks ago, Debra Ann’s surgeon and oncologist said she could work the fair. She’s fighting her second battle with cancer, this time, in her colon.

Debra Ann weighs 81 pounds, but she's filled with energy. She loves helping people.

"I'm on my feet. I'm not worried about nothing. I'm enjoying life,” she said. “I have cancer. Cancer don't have me. God got me.”

Debra Ann is a great answer ambassador. She can tell you how to get wherever you need to go, tell you all about the shows, food and fun and tell you how to find your way back to your car.

About five or six days a week, Debra Ann is at the information booth by the Pan Am Gate. Stop by and say howdy!