Holiday at the Dallas Arboretum returns with expanded Christmas Village

A tradition in the great outdoors returned Friday with Holiday at the Dallas Arboretum.

It has a Christmas Village where people can walk through and look at the different houses, and at night, it lights up.

A Christmas Pyramid is also being debuted inside the village. It’s 23-feet tall, made of hand carved figurines.

There’s a Nativity scene, nutcrackers, and flower children to represent the Arboretum.

The village also features toy shops, chocolate shops, and vendors along a paved walkway.

Santa is also there too, socially distanced in his house with a Plexiglas safety shield and a bench for guests.

The entire experience is modeled after what people would find at the traditional Christ kindle markets in Europe

“The whole village is kind of a European village. A German inspiration. So we thought adding the Christmas pyramid would bring this charming village together. Most villages you would visit in Germany would have a Christmas pyramid during the holidays,” said Dave Forehand, VP of gardens for the Dallas Arboretum. “Over 230 hand carved figures on the Christmas pyramid. Each one of those sections will move as well. Lots of lights. So it’s going to be really fun for folks to take a photo there and watch the Christmas pyramid as its displayed.”

The arboretum is also featuring it’s traditional 12 days of Christmas display, with the 25-foot tall decorated gazebos throughout the gardens.

In the evening, it comes to life with more than one million lights.

Holiday at the Dallas Arboretum runs through December 31.

The arboretum is limiting capacity this year, and visitors must make a reservation and wear a mask on property.

Click here for more information and to buy tickets.