High school football fans enjoy chilly weather in the stands Friday night

Friday was the first chilly night of the high school football season. It was the first of many.

Fans enjoyed the chilly weather paired with Texas high school football.

Fans bundled up for South Grand Prairie’s homecoming game versus Arlington Martin.

America Rodriguez got a giant homecoming mum to wear with her sweatshirt.

“It’s a big night. A lot of memories,” she said.

Some say the masks actually help stay warm.

“The mask is nice. The mask actually helps with everything. Feels really good,” Larry Jones said.

“It’s so crazy because it was really hot this morning and now it’s cold,” Jerah Nelson said.

Heavy storms Friday morning brought a sharp drop in temperature, and desperately needed rain. Temperatures are in the 50s, causing a drastic change in dress.

“I just bought gloves and a hat today because I knew it was going to get cold. It was a good decision,” Pedro Ramirez said.

If you like the fall weather, enjoy it now. Temperatures are rebounding over the weekend, possibly in the 80s by Sunday.