Gunmen sought after Garland store clerk killed in robbery

Garland police want to find the two men they believe killed a convenience store clerk Wednesday night.

Video from inside the store shows the gunmen who stormed into the Corner Food Mart on West Walnut in Garland around 11:30 p.m. Wednesday. Both of them were covered with bandanas and hoodies. They wore gloves and were carrying pistols.

After being inside for just a few moments, investigators say the robbers left on foot and left the store clerk, 30-year-old Heng Lam, fatally wounded.

“We believe it was a robbery,” said Garland Police Officer Alberto Irizarry.  “They took cash from the location. The amount is unknown, but we believe they took cash and they shot Mr. Lam.”

Police say Lam died a short time later at Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. Police say a second person who was inside the store with Lam witnessed the shooting. They believe the gunmen may not have known about the witness.

“That person is okay,” Irizarry said. “We’re not going to release that because we’re getting information from that person who is terrified.”

In the meantime, customers have been showing up to find the store closed are saddened after realizing what happened.

“I’ve seen him. Almost every time I was here, he was here and he was really nice,” said customer Maria Rodriguez. “It’s really sad considering I used to live right here and I would come here. I remember even when the store opened.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Garland Police Department at (972) 485-4840.