Gunfire in Oak Cliff leaves 2 dead, 1 critically injured

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Gunfire in the streets of a north Oak Cliff neighborhood in the middle of the day killed two men and left a third person critically injured.

People in their homes who heard the attack say the hit the floor and took cover after more than a dozen shots were fired Friday afternoon.

Dallas Police said there were some witnesses to the shooting but don’t have a lead on the suspect quite yet.

Wanda Chagolla says she was in her apartment with the windows down when she heard the shots fired.

Dallas police say when they got to the 700 block of Lancaster Road and found two men dead. A third person was also wounded. Witnesses say he ran behind a house to hide until officers arrived.

"Right now, we have conflicting stories on any type of suspects,” said Dallas Police Deputy Chief Thomas Castro. “We're just not going to release any suspect information at this time."

A maroon car was left riddled with bullets and shattered windows.  It was resting crunched up against another vehicle.

Family members of the victims rushed to the scene and wanted answers.

"Everybody came and tell me that he's up there laying on the street killed,” a family member said.

Members of the Dallas Gang Unit were at the scene. Residents say the area is known for gang activity.

While investigators worked the crime scene, residents just stood and watched. Chagolla held her granddaughter a little tighter.

“I thought don't go outside,” she said. “Somebody might be running around. They might snatch her or snatch myself."

Anyone with information on the shooting is asked to call Dallas police.