Glen Rose woman helps goat mom deliver quintuplets

A goat mama in Glen Rose just gave birth to quintuplets, which is a rare feat for goats.

The goats belong to Amanda Moseley, who bought the mama goat named Bootsy from a friend that she called “the goat lady.”

When Bootsy started going into labor, Moseley called her friend to help her through the process since it was her first time delivering goats.

"After he was delivered, I told her there's another one. And she said no way. There can't be another one. That's the afterbirth. And I said I see hooves and a nose,” Mosely recalled. “And she's like we never had quintuplets. And I was like well there's another one. And sure enough, there was another one."

The entire delivery was a six-hour process. Every single one of the goats were billies.

Moseley says she’s waiting to see what their personalities are like before naming them.

The chances of a goat having five kids at once is about one in 10,000. The chances of all of them surviving is even slimmer.