Garage sale helps raise money for young girl's medical bills after November wreck

Two families are forever bonded after separate wrecks put their young girls in the same hospital.

7-year-old Liberty Utley is still recovering from last year's accident, she survived several skull fractures and brain swelling, but friends are helping them all breathe a little easier.

"She was the one chosen because she can handle it. I don't think anyone else in my family could. And she will fight until she can get better," said Liberty’s mother, Shannon Utley.

Jennifer Snailum and other Utley family friends did some spring cleaning, and hosted a yard sale together on Saturday to raise money for Liberty's medical costs. Bills have been mounting since the crash she, her father and siblings were in on November 15th.

They were driving on Custer Road, heading home after a day at the zoo and a trip to get ice cream, when Plano Police say a truck driver rear-ended their Mazda sedan. Life changed drastically for the Plano 1st grader, who has severe traumatic brain injury.

"The family is hurting for money and they need our help. It's an unexpected event in their life and we need to come together and help them out," said the yard sale’s organizer, Jennifer Snailum.

Shannon Utley says she’s been amazed by the support she's received, much of it also coming from the family of another Plano girl, 12-year-old Jayden Fraser. She went into a coma a week after Liberty, after she was injured in a car wreck as well. Their families met at the hospital and became friends.

"You don't want to meet that way. That's not how, but clearly it was how it was supposed to be and their friends have come out full force and supported us," said Utley.

Jayden Fraser was able to return home from the hospital last week.