FWPD: There are no checkpoints for stay-at-home order

Fort Worth police want people to know there are no roadblocks or checkpoints to screen for violations of the city’s stay-at-home order.

Some rumors on social media suggested people were being stopped for just going to work but that’s not the case.

Police said it’s fine to go outside and exercise as long as social distancing is practiced. People are also allowed to drive to work and places like the grocery store or restaurant to pick up an order.

However, social gatherings are not allowed and police will try to break them up by first issuing warnings.

“If that doesn’t work, we are prepared to cite individuals or even make arrests in certain situations. We have not had to do that. Hopefully, we will not but we have a plan in place for doing that if we need to,” said Fort Worth Police Chief Ed Kraus.

On Thursday, the Fort Worth City Council voted to extend the city’s stay-at-home order through April 7.